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We are Swimming in a Sea of Diamond Light Frequencies!

Posted on May 11, 2018

I know my last post was really all over the map. All over the place! I have so much information swimming through my mind and also so many personal experiences. It’s truly hard to reign it all in and project it out congruently. Let me start with energy is measured and tracked by Scientists on our planet; the energy in the air at any particular moment. Energy is measured by the Schumann Resanance. This is how Scientist measure it and show what level it’s at. It has been steadily increasing the past couple of years. If you go online and search this you will find that it has increased. This is extremely profound and physical evidence that changes are in the air (literally!). Currently, we are swimming in a sea of diamond light, gamma rays, plasma blasts and high frequency cosmic energy affecting the entire Planet! This is PUSHING our evolution. This is pushing the TRUTH of our existence to the surface. We are literally on the verge of FULL DISCLOSURE! Disclosure of the atrocities perpetrated against us. The TRUTH of our history…the REAL TRUTH! Full disclosure of how we have been systematically poisoned to keep us from evolving. The TRUTH about our signing of the Peace Treaty with the Alien Greys in 1947 after the Roswell crash, causing all of this secrecy around the Cabal (AKA: Illuminati….AKA: Deep State) obtaining highly advanced technologies millions of years in advance of what we currently have, in exchange for allowing alien abductions to happen. The TRUTH around the G I A N T pedophile ring across our planet, from the Crown down. The TRUTH about Hollywood and elites across our Planet and what they do with these young lives. The Luciferian worship that is so hidden and causing devastation! I never wanted to believe this. Did you ever want to consider that 911 was an inside job???? That our own Government caused it??? I never did. In fact, it really pissed me off when people suggested such a dastardly deed! It wasn’t possible in my mind. But, I am now awake and there is no way to go back to sleep. There is no way to UN-KNOW! It's all a matter of where your consciousness lies. I am feeling strongly that I needed to write another blog because of where our energies currently are on this Planet. The whole mind control program (MK Ultra) is being exposed. Watch for this coming out! We have heard (in spiritual circles) that Bill Cosby was under this control. I really want to bring this up because it’s important that we step back and look at EVERYTHING from a higher perspective. We judge him and other like him as monsters. They feel like monsters to us. But, what if we allow the thought process of he (and them) being under a subliminal control that causes them to act in a way that society doesn’t find acceptable, but feeds the Deep State’s agenda (Illuminati; Cabal). What if you allow this idea in your mind? Can you imagine that “they” could take over someone’s life in this way and cause them to behave badly? I find this situation so sad. When we give up judgment of others we are moving into a state of higher consciousness, higher energetic frequency, the 5th dimension and above. I want to share this not only in this realm but add the thought of “celebrities” and others like them being in this situation. I feel it’s important to keep a frame of non-judgment around EVERYONE right now as everyone’s “stuff” is coming up to be released right now. That means that each person is getting triggered by dramas/traumas in their lives, by things just under the surface that start boiling up. As each person’s stuff comes to the surface we see acting out. We see compensation to correct it. We ALL have stuff coming up and the bottom line is: it’s good for the good! As we each allow our own stuff to bubble up and we see it, deal with it and transmute it, then we each get healthier and raise our vibration. We each need to do this and in our own way to raise the overall collective vibration of the Planet! Some of us have small stuff to transmute. Some of us have GINORMOUS stuff to transmute and release. The bottom line here is : we ALL need to do this and as we do, we are raising the over all vibrational frequency of our planet and make it better for everyone. This is why it’s so important to not judge right now. Allow everyone their own space to deal with their own “shit” so we can come back together stronger and better!! I understand that for anyone following the cabal run media they think things are getting worse and worse. STOP WATCHING THE LIES!!!!!!! This isn’t the TRUTH. It’s all just coming out for everyone to know. The TRUTH is, we are evolving. We are taking down the Illuminati!!!! They are in their final hours and pulling out all stops because they have been in control for thousands of years and they won’t go down without a fight. Rest assured that the Company of Heaven, all the Ascended Masters, higher dimensional beings from many different star systems and MUCH MORE are all here for this grand victory and the LIGHT HAS ALREADY WON!!!!!!!! We are just watching it play out…. Love you ALL~ Heidi

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