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Shaman Destany

As an awakened Star born Lightworker/WayShower it is essential that I SELF CARE, because doing energy work can definitely be as tiresome as working triple 9-5 shifts. With that in mind I am also super sensitive to energies and it’s important to my Self Care that the healer who works on me is also in their Highest Order of Light, and Archeia Heidi is that healer for me! She has worked on me after away missions of Gridwork, after long Shamanic Healing sessions with clients, and even when I just need support as I integrate downloads.

Her ability to tune in to my frequencies and to assist me in reaching the higher dimensions to receive messages for an individual or the collective is so powerful ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with this beautiful Angelic incarnate that is truly here in SERVICE of the LIGHT! Keep shining beloved one and thank you for ALL that you do!  Adonai


 I am a Certified Reiki Master and I have never felt my entire body vibrate before. There was so much healing coming from Deb's Distance Reiki/Sekhem, I could literally feel the energy as the hair on my arms stood straight up. Absolutely POWERFUL! 

Spilling Sand


Deb is truly a gem! Her gorgeous energy, presence and love are immensely palpable, soothing and uplifting, making her sessions unlike any other I’ve experienced. She is truly one of a kind and a genuine gift to this world! You do not want to miss experiencing the blessing that she and her work bestow!

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I’ve had Reiki experiences in the past, but nothing like what I received today, remotely! I felt energy move & leave my right leg, more then likely stuck energy. My higher self was floating above me, and I also saw a milky violet glow in front of my 3rd eye. I did experience a few more things, but I feel you get the idea.

This Goddess is extremely gifted. If you’re hesitant to book a session with her, I ask you WHY?!!!

If you’re tired of feeling pain, loss of sleep or anything else that has been in the way of achieving optimal “wellbeing”, give this gift to yourself because you’re WORTH IT



 DEB is a gifted healer. I’ve tried Reiki with two other people in my life and when I did her 4 days consecutive Reiki treatment I felt more balanced, clarity, and groundedness than I’ve ever felt before. I also had less body pain that lasted for at least a month. I highly recommend working with Deb. I’m grateful and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for all the healing work we continue to do together. 

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