Hawaiian Sea Salt 

 Infused with

Sacred Healing Water

Water is very easily programable and has a memory, which means it holds the thoughts and emotions emitted by people around it. Water absorbs and holds energy effectively. 

A Curious Study of Water Consciousness












This sea salt is infused with

Sacred Healing Water.

It can be used in many ways.  here are a few:



*Clearing energy in your home

*Clearing energy on your property

*Anywhere you also wish to add healing energies

I also offer this salt with herbs that you can cook with.  We have yet another way to add this heavenly healing and DNA activation to our bodies! 


Currently I offer:  

*Volcanic Fire: Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt with dried organic red Hawiian chilis


*Maui Sunrise: Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt with Dried organically grown Tahitian limes


*Rosemary Infused: Hawaiian Sea Salt infused with organically grown rosemary 


*Tangelo Infused: Hawaiian Sea Salt infused with organically grown tangelos.

You can also add this salt to your favorite epsom salts for additional healing effects! 


If you would like to order this Sacred Healing Sea Salt for clearing/cleansing or with herbs to cook with, please contact me at MauiReikiMaster@gmail.com 

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