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Hawaiian Sea Salt 
 Infused with
Sacred Healing Water

Water is very easily programable and has a memory, which means it holds the thoughts and emotions emitted by people around it. Water absorbs and holds energy effectively. 

A Curious Study of Water Consciousness













This sea salt is infused with

Sacred Healing Water.

It can be used in many ways.  here are a few:



*Clearing energy in your home

*Clearing energy on your property

*Anywhere you also wish to add healing energies

I also offer this salt with herbs that you can cook with.  We have yet another way to add this heavenly healing and DNA activation to our bodies! 


Currently I offer:  

*Volcanic Fire: Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt with dried organic red Hawiian chilis


*Maui Sunrise: Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt with Dried organically grown Tahitian limes


*Rosemary Infused: Hawaiian Sea Salt infused with organically grown rosemary 


*Tangelo Infused: Hawaiian Sea Salt infused with organically grown tangelos.

You can also add this salt to your favorite epsom salts for additional healing effects! 


I do offer larger amount of just sacred salts without infusions for baths, ceremonies or clearing large land/properties!

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