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My Ascension Journey & My Mission on Planet Earth

Posted on April 21, 2018

As I sit around the camp fire Michael-Me-Boy has been lovingly stoking all day to keep us warm in the Redwood Forest (we are Maui people!) I contemplate how best to assist my fellow humans in their own personal journey. I had just finished mediating with the trees and had this question on my mind. THANK YOU DISGUISED ANGELS (trees) FOR THE LOVE AND GROUNDING THAT YOU OFFER US SIMPLE HUMANS!!! My higher self answers me and I feel the need to share my story. To share how my Ascension started, how I discovered what the hell was happening to me, and where I believe we currently are on Planet Earth. This is nothing to fear, as that is what “they want”, not what WE WANT! It’s a long story to share so I hope you hang in there with me. October of 2012 I woke up in a Psychiatric ward of a hospital. I had no idea how I got there, what happen and why. I have been in psych wards before…with my mom….with my daughter…but that wasn’t reality to me. That wasn’t ME! What the hell?????? The first thing I remember was opening my eyes and looking at the sterile white walls. Where was I? I laid there, feeling pain, headache, foggy, confusion. Before long “my” Doctor walked in. She was friendly enough but certainly didn’t have much to say. She asked me why I tried to kill myself. Why would she ask me this? That’s a bizarre question to ask someone who just woke up in a strange place and confused! Wait…is this what I did? I honestly cannot answer that yet because I have no idea what has happened with me. But, I know me, and that cannot be. There must be a mistake. One strange thing I do notice though, where is Mike??? I threatened to sign myself out AMA in 2002 when I had a hysterectomy and they wouldn’t let him sleep in the bed with me. We don’t do “apart”. So, where is my Mike???? Could “my” Doctor be correct and I tried to kill myself? I spent the next few days there, gathering everything I could within my mind, to explain how I got there; how I ended up inside a psych ward. To this day (2018) I sill have no memory of having a plan or deciding to take my life. I had a crazy moment, from what I can put together, and made a crazy decision. All I know today is that I TRULY BELIEVE it was Divinely orchestrated. I believe that it was time for my awakening. My life had to completely stop so it could move in a new direction. Sometimes we get so much momentum in one direction and it’s very difficult to slow it down and shift into the new; to turn the aircraft carrier around, that is our life. I have to be honest, it took me probably 6 months to get to the point of understanding that this was a crucial turning point in my life. I wasn’t immediately open to the idea! One of the first things I remember, that really made me bat-shit-crazy, was hearing the word A S C E N S I O N in my head. Over and over. Over and over. I’d see it written. I’d hear it. Over and over. Over and over. Again, WHAT THE HELL??? What is this all about? Jesus talked about ascending in the bible. But, why am I hearing this???? What does this have to do with me? It was pulling at my soul to research what this was all about. So, I started on my long quest for the truth. Mike’s sister was concerned about me and asked if she could fly mike and I and Aaron up for Thanksgiving. Briana was on Oahu at this time, in Sand Island, for a court appointed 2 1/2 year treatment. Aaron was super busy with school and wanted to stay behind with his girlfriends (so Aaron) so mike and I headed to San Jose alone. While there I did a ridiculous amount of hours researching and trying to understand what was happening to me. I knew something huge was happening, there was no way around it. You get this feeling in your inner being, in your core, in your GUT, that screams at you that SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!!! When that happens, it’s the very beginning of tuning into your intuition. Your higher guidance. Your God center! YEAH!!!!! You have made it to this point screams your soul. This is the beginning. The beginning of starting to listen to your “higher you” direct you in your life. Direct you from a vantage point that we don’t have in this 3rd dimensional expression, so YEAH!!! While there in San Jose I started doing something very bizarre in my physical body, something I was unfamiliar with for 40+ years on this planet. I was taking baths with my ears under the after, so I could get as calm and peaceful as possible. I was still feeling quite freaked out, so peaceful was a feeling I ached for! While breathing deeply with my head in the water, to the point my ears were covered, I started to breathe crazy deep, like an Olympic underwater swimmer kine- deep! While doing this I would see in my mind’s eye extra lobes of my lungs on both the right and left sides, opening up and unrolling like a sleeping bag when opened. With that I could continue taking a very deep, long breath. So, my breath just continued. And it continued. I would sit in the stillness of this sound, with my ears in the water, and NOTHING. There was nothing. What was this? I never experienced this nothingness before. I would then start to exhale and watch those extra lobes of my lungs roll right back up to join my natural ones as I expelled the air within them. This continued with each inhalation and exhalation. I could see what was happening with my lungs, in my mind’s eye, very clear. While in the tub I felt like a super hero. Like I could do something your typical human couldn’t. It was cool. But, I still had all these questions and when I got out of the tub I started to feel like a freak. How could I do that? What was happening to me??? I remember telling Mike many times that i have lost my mind and i was going completely nutters. He would hold me and lovingly reassure me that i absolutely was not and that I’m going to be ok again. But, i cannot help but think he was probably thinking the same thing I did- that i had lost my ever-lovin-mind! This was just the beginning of discovering multiple gifts that I didn’t remember having within me. I say, “don’t remember”, because this is a journey about remembering who we truly are. This is a journey home…. So, over the next many months I researched. I asked questions. I talked a lot about what I was reading and I drove Everyone around me crazy. I know this! I was obsessed with WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING TO ME???? I finally started to understand what this is about. I believe I did, anyway, and I still believe I do. However, I want to tell you the same thing that I appreciated hearing/reading: no matter where you get your information, no matter what you read or hear, GO WITHIN. Go into your heart space and truly feel what it feels like for you. GET OUT OF YOUR BRAIN!!! Ask yourself these questions: What does it feel like? Is this my truth? What are my answers? I believe we all have the answers deep within us and all we need to do is ask ourselves; our higher self; or multidimensional self! This is where your God center resides!!!! So, I got the answer that now I say, “even Steven Hawking couldn’t convince me otherwise”: we are going through a giant evolutionary shift on planet earth. We are going through an ascension process!!! Those of us that made a soul contract before incarnating on this planet, that are here to serve Mother Gaia (planet Earth) in her ascension into the fifth dimension and our physical bodies to ascend to the fifth dimension, while incarnating in a physical being at this time are having physical, emotional and spiritual changes. Period. It is about letting go of the density of what is inside of us so we can hold more light. So we can hold the light vibration of unconditional love, and peace and joy and unity. This is Christ consciousness. We are bringing Christ consciousness to the physical plane of our precious planet, so we can create the Garden of Eden our souls are longing for. I have come to believe that Jesus the Christ was here to teach us about Ascension. He was here to teach us about unconditional love. We humans don’t really know unconditional love, it’s DIVINE! The love we have for our babies kind of love that we don’t necessarily connect to other humans; they disappoint us. That is what our limited physical experience has taught us. I’m talking about unconditional love!!! I believe this is what Jesus came to teach us and the Cabal/ Illuminati/ Deep State got too strong. This caused his teachings to get changed up so much and turned into a religion. I don’t personally believe religion is Divinely orchestrated. I believe that all religions were created by man to cause fear within us. To put us in a place of slavery. I believe there are pieces of each of these religious doctrines that has TRUTH, I just believe that there is much added for the sole purpose of controlling us. I believe that all the ascended masters (like Jesus, like Lord Buddha, like Mahamad) did walk this Earth and came to teach us. I do believe this is something for each soul to assess on their own, I am only speaking from my heart center. The story of TRUTH on our Planet is very long and something that I firmly believe will be completely brought to the light and out in the open very soon. This will all be part of disclosure. Disclosure about the truth of our history. Disclosure about our Galactic family. Disclosure about inner Earth. Disclosure about what is really happening on our own Planet and across the multiverse. There are many pieces to our history, what has happened to us as race of human beings, including what was perpetrated against us, and what is currently happening to every living species here on precious Mother Gaia. I have come to know that they are all inner-related. A few months after my release from the psych ward I had, what was at that time, a very scary experience for me and Mike. We had just climbed in bed and put a movie on. We don’t have a tv anywhere else in our home, we just have one in our bedroom for watching Netflix or Amazon. We had literally just started the movie when I started experiencing some extremely crazy and violent symptoms. There was nothing subtle about how this began for me! It started with my chest, a very heavy and painful feeling. Immediately I felt like I wasn’t going to take another breath, like an anaconda was wrapped around my chest area and there would be no room to inhale. I’ve never had the sensation of not being able to breathe before, wow is that scary!! Immediately I thought I was having a heart attack. I was only 43 years old but I had been under tremendous stress for many years, having a mentally ill teenager that was in and out of psych wards, residential treatment programs (even outside of Hawaii), suicide watches and attempts….oh, and the market crash of 2008 that we were still experiencing “lack” over. I was S T R E S S E D O U T!!! Perhaps I really was having a heartache! As I was gasping for air and in a complete panic, mike was grabbing his cell phone to call 911, when suddenly it stopped. It just STOPPED! This feeling in my physical body returned within about 15-20 seconds but it was lower in my body this time, it was right under my chest and down my abdomen and arms. I had an immediate feeling of peace come over me. IMMEDIATE! It was a feeling I never experienced before. I thought that I was in the active phase of dying. Mike was starting to call 911 and I told him no, please just lay me down, as he was half holding me on the bed, with his arm behind my back, as if propping me up. I was so comfortable and peaceful, I just wanted to be laid down so I could die in peace. This wasn’t his plan though! He wasn’t planning on me dying, but it sure felt like it to me. It felt good. That moment when nothing matters but that stillness you are feeling within. The vibration was starting again though, but this time was huge. It was so strong that I told Mike I AM the sander. I originally felt like I was holding a sander and it was vibrating though my entire body. It was more then that…I was producing this vibration….I WAS THE SANDER! This was extremely bizarre and I still felt fear within me. It came down my body in waves, like the ocean. I have since come to understand energy comes in waves. This is the behavior of energy! By the time it got down to my lower body it was only my legs that were experiencing this. I had no control over these completely involuntary movement of my low extremities. My legs were bouncing off the bed and back up in the air, all by themselves, like the exorcist in her bed! By this time I started laughing out loud, almost hysterically. What was happening??? I went from feeling like I was having a heart attack to waves of vibration going down my body from the top, to my legs bouncing off the bed and into the air….all involuntarily. Hmmm, something very strange is happening that I never experienced in my 23 years of nursing. There are certainly many things I never saw or experienced, but this was bizarre to say the least! The next day I felt completely fine but questioning in my mind what is going on inside me. After an experience like that you cannot let that go. Not only that, Mike was obviously concerned about me. So I contacted a friend that I know to be a medium, like Silvia Browne. I had many conversations with my dead Mother, through her. Perhaps she has an answer for me. I really didn’t know, but it seemed like the next place to look. I had a phone call with her within a few days of this incident. I told her an overview; I had a very strange physical experience, felt like I was dying, and I’m curious if she knows what happened to me. I didn’t give details because I didn’t want to feed her info, I wanted her to read my energy and tell me what she sees. I had many readings with her and this is what she always did in the past. She promptly and matter of factly Informed me that I had a kundalini awakening. WHAT?? Why would I do that? I wasn’t planning on that. I wasn’t working on becoming enlightened. That didn’t make any sense to me. But, I have no other explanation. I did have energy running through my body. Could she be right? I went back to doing more research, with this question in mind. What is Ascension, anyway, is probably what you are asking yourself. I did for so long! Here is what it has come to mean, for me. I will speak as a matter of fact, because this is my truth. We all came here for the Ascension and liberation of Planet Earth. In one capacity or another we all have a role in what is going on here and now. Ascension is what is happening NOW! There are star beings here that are assisting with this. I am one of them. There are millions across Planet Earth that chose to be born into a Physical body to assist in raising the vibrational frequency of our entire planet. I believe I am Arcturian, although it doesn’t really matter, in my mind, as I believe we chose to experience so much in the vastness of this Universe (and I do believe there are more Universes) that we have “lifetimes” on many other planets. It all comes together to be the grand total of our soul’s experience. So, again, what is Ascension? Ascension is the physical process of releasing density so our bodies can hold more light. What is density? Lower vibrational frequencies of energy such as fear, anger, hopelessness, sadness, frustration, all those emotions that make us feel yucky inside. Everything is energy. We learned from Newton that energy can never be created nor destroyed. I’d like to add a caveat to that; Archangel Michael over the past several years has literally reminded me of this at least a half a dozen times when I just want to “let go” of something! He tells me you cannot just let go, you must transmute that and release it back to source. We will get more into that later. The beginning and many steps along the way, are not easy. I certainly cannot paint a gorgeous picture of this process being incredibly beautiful and sexy or or that it will happen easy. Oh no, quite the opposite! How do we know we have density within us? It comes up and stares you in the face! This is how you know!!!! One at a time, every single “thing” (let’s say frequency, or energy or vibration) that your body is holding onto, in this life and every single past life and through your ancestral lines, they all come up for release. Sometimes you have one issue at a time. Sometimes you dig in real deep and want to grab the bull by the horns and go all in….balls to the wall…and you have so many different energies coming up at one time that it’s a complete overload for you. This is a dark night of the soul. I highly recommend looking that up and reading more as I have not done an eloquent job describing it, but I assure you, you will KNOW if you are having a dark night of the soul. I have had 2; my first started at the end of 2012 when I got home from the hospital. The 2nd one was between 2016-2017. I cannot even tell you how long it lasted but I had three huge waves of being suicidal. It was extremely scary and I can tell you the ONLY reason I am alive in this body named Deb Guimond right now is because I have to be. I made a soul contract to help our planet and my mission is just starting. I cannot leave. I have a job to do… WE ALL DO! I am not meaning to scare you. I’m not meaning to suggest that everyone going through their Ascension process will experience this as well. I am only sharing what happened with me as I had many extremes. Perhaps some of my extreme events will happen to you or they did, and you now know someone else that had experiences your doctor cannot explain to you. At that point you aren’t alone any longer! Being a black sheep of the family and having experiences my entire life that no one else around me did, I appreciate not feeling alone any longer. There are other people experiencing what I have!!! So, you start to feel negativity coming up so you can release it. The best way to do this is to get quiet and sit with it. Just look at it. Observe it. Honor it. Love it. Don’t judge it or yourself. If you do, just start again with acknowledging it and honoring it. You need to FEEL it so you aren’t doing what you have always done. We don’t like a feeling so we send it down into the dungeon. We then pretend it isn’t there. Or, we have “moved on” and we really feel like it’s gone. But, it’s never gone! It’s always still there. So, you feel the yucky feelings coming up. Maybe they are the energy of abandonment. That’s a big one on this planet! Sit with it and feel into it. Don’t ignore it this time. See it for what it is; a past energy within you that you do not need in this “now” you are moving into. It has served it’s purpose and you may wish it well along its journey. There are three different things I like to do with discordant energy that I want to transmute and release. Here is what I do, in order, in case this is helpful to you. I say, “All discordant energies within my physical being that no longer serve my highest good and the highest good of every living being around me, I release across all timelines, dimensions, and realities. Then I repeat the beginning and say Hooponopono. This is an ancient Hawaiian practice of transmuting energies through forgiveness. LOVE is the highest possible vibration and when we feel into the energy, the vibration of love, we can shift absolutely anything!!! So, I say the beginning again, just a little different: Everywhere that i am holding onto discordant energies within my physical being, that no longer serve my highest good and the highest good of every living thing around me, Hoopnopono, which literally means I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. This is extremely powerful. If you really connect and pay close attention, you can feel the energy within this phrase, you can feel it shift as you say these words. It’s absolute love magic! The final thing I like to do is call in St Germain. He is the Ascended Master that holds the violet ray, from the rainbow. This colorful energy literally transmutes lower frequencies. So, call in Master St. Germain to you, with his beautiful violet flame and picture in your mind’s eye the color of violet as it burns (like a fire). Bring this violet flame down though your aura, all 7 layers, and down into all your 7 main chakras in you physical body. Watch this violet flame transmute that energy and turn it into pink, the color of love. Send this love energy back to Source, to be used to create new. Thank it for the purpose it’s served and send it love. I do these steps with absolutely everything that comes up for me now. It’s taken me several years and a lot of practice to feel into what works for me. When I have a negative thought or feeling about someone or about my work or something painful that I witness in humanity; absolutely anything at all that isn’t LOVE, I do see three steps. I don’t want to feel any negative. I have come to understand the only way to truly lighten our load and stay in a space of peace, is to live in this new world that I wish so badly to create. So, I live “as if”. As if we are already there. I see in my mind the world I want to live in. I have no desire for anything else so why would I want to focus on the negative? I’m just sharing how I live my life, as I have had many questions regarding this. This is THE lifetime that we all chose to be present on this Planet, to transmute all the discordant energies, all the “miscreations” we have spent so many thousands of lifetimes creating! We humans created it…not the plant kingdom or animal kingdom or fish or insects…the only species on this planet that has brought harm has been humans. Clearly there is a caveat to this, as there are non-human species that has been a part of this. I just want to mention that I am aware of this, but not sure that it’s necessary to discuss that at this point. It all goes back to the beginning of life on Planet Earth and the TRUE reasons we are here to begin with. So, we humans created this and we need to clean it up! How do we clean it up? We start with ourselves. We look in the mirror. We look into the deepest parts of ourselves and we stop looking outside of ourselves. We clean up our own house and yard. That’s what we do! We allow those feelings to rise that we really don’t like to feel. Those painful memories that we don’t like to address. We do this one at a time until there is nothing but LOVE inside of us. Sounds simple and I’m not trying to trivialize this monumental task. However, if we approach it as one negative feeling or one negative vibration at a time then we never bite off more than we can chew! The very beautiful part of this journey and what has the light workers so excited, is that we have SO MUCH ASSISTANCE right now!!! Energy. Galactics. Ascended masters. Angelic realm. This is not religion, religion is a set of doctrines that tell you how you are to live. Have many additions to keep us in fear…fear of spending eternity in a very scary place! This is about each and every one of us having the answers deep inside, we just need the key to unlock the door and take a peak. There is much to be done and has been done on this planet to assist in cleaning up these lower vibrational energies. First of all, we all need to clear our own energy fields; our entire aura and throughout our chakra system. There are millions of humans across our Planet that are constantly “scrubbing” the energy shall we say. Many have no idea that they are even doing this! I have used the term Lightworker earlier and perhaps I should explain a little more. EVERYONE on Planet Earth, every living being, is currently here, incarnated into a physical body at this time, for the liberation and Ascension of Planet Earth. The elemental kingdom has a group consciousness. The animal kingdom has a group consciousness. They all feel what’s happening. Their instincts have kicked in and they KNOW! They know they are doing this together, as a collective. That know they are changing. Humans are moving back into this (I say back because I have come to the understanding within myself that we have lived on Planet Earth in highly advanced civilizations with technology far superior to what we have today, and a unity consciousness that many cannot yet access on a conscious level). In this current process of ascension on our Planet we have had several ascension waves. We started with the “first wave”. The humans in the first wave were “activated” in some way (like me or differently) to start waking up from their sleep, and start learning what their truth is. Who they really are. Why they (we/us) are here. What our mission is. For many they started this process 30+ years ago. Some of us just started waking up closer to 2012. I’m one of those, late bloomer . This first group, first wavers, have been clearing energy on our planet for some time now. Each of us in our own Divine timing. We are grounding the energy of unconditional Love everywhere we go. What miraculous ingenuity, right? All we have to do is BE LOVE. To chose LOVE in every single moment and allow that energy to ooze off our being, to affect all around us, including the animals and plants! Some of us also regularly meditate and focus on grounding particular vibrations into the Earth, to assist in clearing and to leave vibrations behind as an offering for someone that could make the chose to use it! I am a Lightworker. I consciously chose to work for our Planet on a daily basis. I do this because I have reconnected with the parts of myself that FEEL this is why I’m here. I get messages from my guides with nudges to move forward, to do what I can to assist in my small way. For me, the term Lightworker can be as simple as one who knows their job is to assist in the Ascension of our Planet and they actively chose to do so. There are Lightworkers doing all kinds of different jobs across our planet. Some work in large groups, doing it collectively. Some just by themselves but connecting with the Lightworker grid. I am part of a group of three, we call ours was The High Vibe Tribe! We check in with each other everyday about what we are feeling with the current energies on our Planet, people we know that need assistance in healing, how each of us is feeling and to be a support to each other. Every Sunday we three connect and meditate (typically about an hour and a half) and we focus on everything we can. We take direction from Mother/Father God, our guides and Angels, our higher selves (our multidimensional selves) ascended masters, archangels; any being of the vibration of love that is here for the liberation and Ascension of our beloved Mother Gaia (Earth) that wants to communicate with us. We look at where disasters are happening. Where people are being taken advantage of. Geoengineering. False flag events. Shifts in energy. What vibrations feel like they need to be grounded in a particular area of our Planet. These are some of the things we do to support our planet. There are Lightworkers that their mission is to re-grid our Planet. They work on creating new grids and new templates, to assist those humans that are ready to get out of the Matrix that was created to keep us in slavery. To keep us living in fear. I do not believe this was why we chose to incarnate in a body on this Planet, to be under some watch dog’s thumb. To live by their rules. Absolutely not! One of the things that I am most grateful for is that I have known in the core of my being, since I was super young, that I am a Divine sovereign being and I answer to ME. I have always had such an issue with being told what to do, even as a little girl. I have come to really feel into this energy and I believe it wasn’t rebellion, for the most part. I was rebelling against the idea that something outside of myself was trying to have power over me. I always knew that wasn’t right. Our power should come from within! There are forces that want to control us (the Dark Cabal- Illuminati) and have been for quite some time (milia!). However, one at a time we are waking up across this Planet and taking our power back. We are leaving the paradigm of Power Over Others and finding our Divinity and discovering Power Over Ourselves! YEAH!!!! We are all clearing energy all the time, most of us just aren’t aware of it. Everything is energy. When you apologize for something and you truly feel remorseful, you have transmuted that energy. You cleaned it up! You didn’t leave it hanging out in your body to fester and rot and later become a disease you manifest down the road. You also didn’t leave it hanging out in your aura, creating more negative energy in your immediate field and the field of any living being that comes into your presence. This is really important to wrap your brain around because in every single moment we have a decision to make. In every moment we can chose to add to the “collective angst” of what is being spewed into our atmosphere/ aura/ our physical bodies, or we can hold a space within our being of love and peace for ALL. What feels better to you? LOVE is all I ever want to feel. This doesn’t mean I don’t feel other things, I am an empath for God’s sake, I feel ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!! However, I am consciously aware of every single thought, feeling, and action. Every single one. When I catch myself in a lower frequency I go to work to transmute the energy. If I need to, I bring my High Vibe Tribe in and ask them to work with me on these energies. Sometimes it’s simple and you clear it immediately. Sometimes you work on it for weeks! I assure you, it’s always worth the effort for the peace you feel at the end :). So, where do you start? You can slowly start focusing on what energies are in your background that don’t feel good, and start cleaning your little corner of this Planet up. This is how we all contribute to the whole. Again, are you adding to the collective angst or holding a space of peace and love for all? Baby steps. One small feeling/energy at a time. Just little baby steps. I think it’s also important to understand we are all here as a part of the whole. We all have different missions, different “jobs” but serving the same common goal at a higher dimensional level: Ascension and liberation of Planet Earth. Most still don’t remember why they chose to come here in this lifetime but this still WHY we are here. Some of us have a soul contract to ascend while in our physical bodies and remain on this Planet (the 5th dimensional aspect of Mother Gaia that is). Some have a soul contract to help clean up but aren’t here in this lifetime to stay as they want to continue having a 3rd dimensional experience. Some are here to be a mirror to those of us that are here to ascend, to show us what we need to transmute and release within ourselves. Mirrors show us the parts of ourselves we don’t want to look at and are necessary for our acknowledgment and lessons. There are some Lightworkers that are specifically clearing particular vibrations up across our Planet or for a particular region. When I started my Dark Night of the Soul in 2016 I was specifically told by my guides that I was transmuting the energies of fear and abandonment for our Planet. Well, I didn’t realize I signed up for that shit! That’s not what I was wanting to do, I can tell you that!!! I never even experienced the feeling of abandonment like I experienced in 2016! It was really horrific and I had several months straight of being in bed. Crying. Sobbing. Little appetite. Lots of diarrhea. Transmuting. This is the ugly truth about transmuting, it goes through your body and it isn’t pretty. I arrived at our Cabin in Tahoe March 14, 2018 and super sick. More sick then I have felt since the year 2000 when Mike and Thomas (my first husband) and I got Shigalosis, a really horrific food poisoning! I was told the day after it started that I was transmuting effluvia (literally means shit, but my guides don’t have a potty mouth and they specially stated effluvia to me). That I was transmuting effluvia for the surrounding area. GREAT! I’m at the beginning of a fun trip with my Lover and I’m gonna clean the energy everywhere I go and just stay sick???? I don’t want that! So, a bartered with them. I told them I would clean up the area we currently were in (south Tahoe) but I do not want to be sick this entire tip. I’m happy to do my part for the Planet but please don’t make me stay sick again!! So far, so great! My point in sharing this is that Lightworkers are doing lots of cleaning up behind the scenes and it’s not always sexy But, we all have our part of the whole! I am very grateful that I am aware of what’s happening and that I am consciously assisting however I can. It feels good to know that you are making a difference. My High Vibe Tribe and I absolutely KNOW we are making a difference. We are only 3… but connect with Lightworkers across the Planet. As each one of us wakes up and starts connecting to this grid of Lightworkers, the energy between each one of us expands exponentially, and more and more changes are happening at a faster and faster rate. When I sit and meditate I am one. You sit and meditate and you are two. Someone else sits to meditate and they are three. However, we have been shown that when we sit to meditate and consciously chose to connect together, to the Light, to work at an energetic level together, we exponentially expand! I connect to you, making two. We connect with someone else of the Light and that makes 4. Connecting with another being of Light makes 16. Connecting with another being makes 256. Understand? We exponentially expand this energy of Love and Light and we create massive changes!!!! All we need to do is BELIEVE within our heart space that it is so. And, it is so! I have brought up the chakra’s a couple times and feel that I should expand on this a little, for some basic understanding. We have 7 major energy centers in our body, called chakra’s. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! I keep saying this because it is truly the foundation to wrap your brain around because you will start FEELING the world around you. We are subconsciously being redirected to get out of our brains and into our heart space. We do this so we are FEELING the world around us instead of living blindly through preprogrammed expectations and “past experiences” causing routine and unconscious responses. When we FEEL the truth around us we have the opportunity to make more conscious decisions for ourselves and all life. If we slow down and really pay attention we will start to see signs all around us, little nudges to encourage us in the “right direction” for our soul’s greatest purpose. What a grand system we exist in!!! So we have 7 main chakras from the top of our head to the bottom of our spine. Each has a corresponding color and a particular number of petals that spin, like a wheel. The lower 3 chakras are lower vibrational and connected with the physicality of this Planet. The 4th, in the middle, is our heart chakra. Then the upper 3 are higher vibrational (higher frequency of energy) and end with our connection to the Universe (Source. Prime creator. Mother/Father God). There is much information out there for tens of hours of lessons on the chakras alone. I just want to give a quick overview. The first chakra is your connection with the Earth and is the color of red. This is your root chakra. Your 2nd chakra is located in your lower abdomen and is orange in color. This is your sacral chakra. The 3rd chakra located around your naval is the color yellow. This is your solar plexus chakra. Your heart chakra is located in your chest and is the color green. Above that is your 5th chakra and is located in your throat. Your throat chakra is blue. Your 6th chakra is between your eye brows and is the color indigo. This is your third eye or Anja chakra. Your final main chakra (7th) is on the top of your head and is your crown chakra. This is violet in color. I like to take the time when I first wake up and start meditating each day, to open up and align my chakras. When we have a disruption of energy through our spine it affects corresponding areas within the physicality of our body. In 1999 I was living in Newport Rhode Island for a brief period of time when my first husband was going through a Naval Officer School. I went to a quaint little chiropractic office while I was living there. The Chiropractor had a really fascinating article that I have never forgotten, those words have remained in the back of my mind to this day. It was an article written by a Medical Examiner that had been doing autopsies for decades. He admittedly called himself a huge skeptic in regards to chiropractic care. However, he stated that it is over decades of performing autopsies that he can state in no uncertain terms that 100% of the autopsies he has performed showed subluxations in the vertebral column that corespondent with the cause of death of the person. For example, the person had heart disease leading to a massive myocardial infarction that was the cause of their death. This person would have been observed as having a subluxation (or multiple)in the chest area that would have been noted to be out of alignment for a very long time, leading to decreased circulation and energy, causing degradation from the norm. I am sharing this with you because I believe if we can picture this process in our mind then perhaps we can begin to understand how vitally important it is to have our spine aligned and the energy centers open so we can function as healthy as possible. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!!! As I wake up each morning (or the wee hours of the morning…) I start meditating. There are many ways I do and many different things I focus on. There are also times I just BE. I just sit quiet and wait for downloads or communication or visions. When I begin I start by breathing very slowly and deeply. I focus intently on my breath. I picture a beautiful white light coming from the great central sun; we are being showered with plasma rays from the great central sun that is causing the DNA changes in our body. I inhale through my crown chakra, on the top of my head, and bring in this gorgeous, evolutionary energy down into my body. I pull this all the way through and imagine it coming out opal the base of my spine, my root chakra. I imagine roots like a tree coming out of the bottom of my spine and rooting down into the earth. I send this energy all the way down into middle earth and connect with heart of Mother Gaia, our beloved Planet. Yes, she is alive!!!! Feel her. Connect with her energy. You are working together to raise her vibration, clear her energies, and the same within your own being. Sometimes I just sit there for a little while and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this gorgeous space! When ready, just drift back up to the surface of the Planet. Inhale into your root chakra. Imagine the color red spinning in a clockwise direction. Root chakra, please open up and activate. Thank you. I love you. Now bring your focus up a little higher to your sacral chakra. Imagine this orange color spinning in a clockwise direction. Sacral chakra, please open up and activate. Thank you. I love you. Continue inhaling, bring your attention up to your belly button area. Imagine Sid yellow color spinning in a clock wise direction. Solar plexus chakra please open up and activate. Thank you. I love you. Pull this energy up a little higher to your chest. Imagine this green color rotating in a clockwise direction. Heart chakra please open up and activate. Thank you. I love you. Continue to bring your attention up even higher, to your throat area. Imagine this blue color spinning in a clockwise direction. Throat chakra please open up and activate. Thank you. I love you. Now bring your awareness to the area between your eye brows. Imagine this indigo color spinning in a clockwise direction. Third eye chakra please open up and activate. Thank you. I love you. You are back to your final main chakra, on the top of your head. Imagine this violet color spinning in a clockwise direction. Crown chakra, please open up and activate. Thank you. I love you. I feel it’s important to really honor and love our body. When was the last time you talked to yours? I never did until recently. I believe it’s important. We focus on so many daily tasks. So many things that need to be taken care of and “handled”. But, what on this Planet and in our lives is more important then the one body we have in this current lifetime??? What are the things we are saying to our body? I think this an important question to ponder. Perhaps even ask yourself as you head into a meditation…. As we lighten our load, so to say. As we shed our density and take on more light more and more continues to shift within us. We slowly start to feel nature in a whole new way. We feel a connectedness that we were oblivious to before. We start to notice God in everything! You may have a different word than God. Some say Universe. Prime creator. Source. Mother/Father God. You just start to notice that whatever that is for you…it’s in EVERYTHING! I am going to stop here for now. When I continue I will talk about our DNA and how it’s changing. We have 12 double strands of DNA and all but 2 strands have been labeled “junk”. Guess what? It isn’t junk at all! It’s been laying there dormant for this lifetime, so we can shift back into our true nature. So, if this is interesting to you, look for my next post…or Google it and start your own obsessive look into what is really going on, and it has nothing to do with insane politics!!! Love you ALL~ Heidi

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