My Ascension Journey & My Mission on Planet Earth

Posted on April 21, 2018

As I sit around the camp fire Michael-Me-Boy has been lovingly stoking all day to keep us warm in the Redwood Forest (we are Maui people!) I contemplate how best to assist my fellow humans in their own personal journey. I had just finished mediating with the trees and had this question on my mind. THANK YOU DISGUISED ANGELS (trees) FOR THE LOVE AND GROUNDING THAT YOU OFFER US SIMPLE HUMANS!!! My higher self answers me and I feel the need to share my story. To share how my Ascension started, how I discovered what the hell was happening to me, and where I believe we currently are on Planet Earth. This is nothing to fear, as that is what “they want”, not what WE WANT! It’s a long story to share so I hope you hang in there with me. October of 2012 I woke up in a Psychiatric ward of a hospital. I had no idea how I got there, what happen and why. I have been in psych wards before…with my mom….with my daughter…but that wasn’t reality to me. That wasn’t ME! What the hell?????? The first thing I remember was opening my eyes and looking at the sterile white walls. Where was I? I laid there, feeling pain, headache, foggy, confusion. Before long “my” Doctor walked in. She was friendly enough but certainly didn’t have much to say. She asked me why I tried to kill myself. Why would she ask me this? That’s a bizarre question to ask someone who just woke up in a strange place and confused! Wait…is this what I did? I honestly cannot answer that yet because I have no idea what has happened with me. But, I know me, and that cannot be. There must be a mistake. One strange thing I do notice though, where is Mike??? I threatened to sign myself out AMA in 2002 when I had a hysterectomy and they wouldn’t let him sleep in the bed with me. We don’t do “apart”. So, where is my Mike???? Could “my” Doctor be correct and I tried to kill myself? I spent the next few days there, gathering everything I could within my mind, to explain how I got there; how I ended up inside a psych ward. To this day (2018) I sill have no memory of having a plan or deciding to take my life. I had a crazy moment, from what I can put together, and made a crazy decision. All I know today is that I TRULY BELIEVE it was Divinely orchestrated. I believe that it was time for my awakening. My life had to completely stop so it could move in a new direction. Sometimes we get so much momentum in one direction and it’s very difficult to slow it down and shift into the new; to turn the aircraft carrier around, that is our life. I have to be honest, it took me probably 6 months to get to the point of understanding that this was a crucial turning point in my life. I wasn’t immediately open to the idea! One of the first things I remember, that really made me bat-shit-crazy, was hearing the word A S C E N S I O N in my head. Over and over. Over and over. I’d see it written. I’d hear it. Over and over. Over and over. Again, WHAT THE HELL??? What is this all about? Jesus talked about ascending in the bible. But, why am I hearing this???? What does this have to do with me? It was pulling at my soul to research what this was all about. So, I started on my long quest for the truth. Mike’s sister was concerned about me and asked if she could fly mike and I and Aaron up for Thanksgiving. Briana was on Oahu at this time, in Sand Island, for a court appointed 2 1/2 year treatment. Aaron was super busy with school and wanted to stay behind with his girlfriends (so Aaron) so mike and I headed to San Jose alone. While there I did a ridiculous amount of hours researching and trying to understand what was happening to me. I knew something huge was happening, there was no way around it. You get this feeling in your inner being, in your core, in your GUT, that screams at you that SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!!! When that happens, it’s the very beginning of tuning into your intuition. Your higher guidance. Your God center! YEAH!!!!! You have made it to this point screams your soul. This is the beginning. The beginning of starting to listen to your “higher you” direct you in your life. Direct you from a vantage point that we don’t have in this 3rd dimensional expression, so YEAH!!! While there in San Jose I started doing something very bizarre in my physical body, something I was unfamiliar with for 40+ years on this planet. I was taking baths with my ears under the after, so I could get as calm and peaceful as possible. I was still feeling quite freaked out, so peaceful was a feeling I ached for! While breathing deeply with my head in the water, to the point my ears were covered, I started to breathe crazy deep, like an Olympic underwater swimmer kine- deep! While doing this I would see in my mind’s eye extra lobes of my lungs on both the right and left sides, opening up and unrolling like a sleeping bag when opened. With that I could continue taking a very deep, long breath. So, my breath just continued. And it continued. I would sit in the stillness of this sound, with my ears in the water, and NOTHING. There was nothing. What was this? I never experienced this nothingness before. I would then start to exhale and watch those extra lobes of my lungs roll right back up to join my natural ones as I expelled the air within them. This continued with each inhalation and exhalation. I could see what was happening with my lungs, in my mind’s eye, very clear. While in the tub I felt like a super hero. Like I could do something your typical human couldn’t. It was cool. But, I still had all these questions and when I got out of the tub I started to feel like a freak. How could I do that? What was happening to me??? I remember telling Mike many times that i have lost my mind and i was going completely nutters. He would hold me and lovingly reassure me that i absolutely was not and that I’m going to be ok again. But, i cannot help but think he was probably thinking the same thing I did- that i had lost my ever-lovin-mind! This was just the beginning of discovering multiple gifts that I didn’t remember having within me. I say, “don’t remember”, because this is a journey about remembering who we truly are. This is a journey home…. So, over the next many months I researched. I asked questions. I talked a lot about what I was reading and I drove Everyone around me crazy. I know this! I was obsessed with WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING TO ME???? I finally started to understand what this is about. I believe I did, anyway, and I still believe I do. However, I want to tell you the same thing that I appreciated hearing/reading: no matter where you get your information, no matter what you read or hear, GO WITHIN. Go into your heart space and truly feel what it feels like for you. GET OUT OF YOUR BRAIN!!! Ask yourself these questions: What does it feel like? Is this my truth? What are my answers? I believe we all have the answers deep within us and all we need to do is ask ourselves; our higher self; or multidimensional self! This is where your God center resides!!!! So, I got the answer that now I say, “even Steven Hawking couldn’t convince me otherwise”: we are going through a giant evolutionary shift on planet earth. We are going through an ascension process!!! Those of us that made a soul contract before incarnating on this planet, that are here to serve Mother Gaia (planet Earth) in her ascension into the fifth dimension and our physical bodies to ascend to the fifth dimension, while incarnating in a physical being at this time are having physical, emotional and spiritual changes. Period. It is about letting go of the density of what is inside of us so we can hold more light. So we can hold the light vibration of unconditional love, and peace and joy and unity. This is Christ consciousness. We are bringing Christ consciousness to the physical plane of our precious planet, so we can create the Garden of Eden our souls are longing for. I have come to believe that Jesus the Christ was here to teach us about Ascension. He was here to teach us about unconditional love. We humans don’t really know unconditional love, it’s DIVINE! The love we have for our babies kind of love that we don’t necessarily connect to other humans; they disappoint us. That is what our limited physical experience has taught us. I’m talking about unconditional love!!! I believe this is what Jesus came to teach us and the Cabal/ Illuminati/ Deep State got too strong. This caused his teachings to get changed up so much and turned into a religion. I don’t personally believe religion is Divinely orchestrated. I believe that all religions were created by man to cause fear within us. To put us in a place of slavery. I believe there are pieces of each of these religious doctrines that has TRUTH, I just believe that there is much added for the sole purpose of controlling us. I believe that all the ascended masters (like Jesus, like Lord Buddha, like Mahamad) did walk this Earth and came to teach us. I do believe this is something for each soul to assess on their own, I am only speaking from my heart center. The story of TRUTH on our Planet is very long and something that I firmly believe will be completely brought to the light and out in the open very soon. This will all be part of disclosure. Disclosure about the truth of our history. Disclosure about our Galactic family. Disclosure about inner Earth. Disclosure about what is really happening on our own Planet and across the multiverse. There are many pieces to our history, what has happened to us as race of human beings, including what was perpetrated against us, and what is currently happening to every living species here on precious Mother Gaia. I have come to know that they are all inner-related. A few months after my release from the psych ward I had, what was at that time, a very scary experience for me and Mike. We had just climbed in bed and put a movie on. We don’t have a tv anywhere else in our home, we just have one in our bedroom for watching Netflix or Amazon. We had literally just started the movie when I started experiencing some extremely crazy and violent symptoms. There was nothing subtle about how this began for me! It started with my chest, a very heavy and painful feeling. Immediately I felt like I wasn’t going to take another breath, like an anaconda was wrapped around my chest area and there would be no room to inhale. I’ve never had the sensation of not being able to breathe before, wow is that scary!! Immediately I thought I was having a heart attack. I was only 43 years old but I had been under tremendous stress for many