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Welcome 2021!

Wow, we made it to 2021!!! Did you wonder if we ever would? 2020 was full of such dense consciousnesses for us to look at and dismantle. As Light Workers here on Mama Gaia, we are the wayshowers. We are the ones showing the way. We are the ones that are holding the consciousness for where we are going....even though some of us still don't INNERstand what that is or "where we are going". We are here to go through this process first so we can hold the higher frequencies for the collective of humanity. We, my sweet, beautiful friends, are shifting an entire collective of peoples here on this planet! WE ARE DOING IT!!!!

We are all at different stages of looking at this "virus" and how it's affected this entire Earth plane. I will speak for myself here, as I always want to be raw and vulnerable and honest with all of you, because I truly feel like this is the way to help others. We have a Planet full of people saying "I'm fine, and they are NOT FUCKING FINE! We have been programmed to pretend to be happy and keep your mouth shut. Then bitch in the darkness. Let's move past that and be REAL! So, I'll share my journey of 2020, in the hopes that it resonates with some of you. I didn't ever have a fear of getting sick or believing that this was truly a pandemic. This is MY CONSCIOUSNESS, I will never tell anyone else how they "should" feel or think. I was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean at the end of February to early March. BTW, not my cup of tea and will never "cruise" again! While on our ship a crew member was brought in from Italy, and someone he was around in Italy had tested positive for this virus. So, we couldn't pull into any island and a medical team from Barbados came onto our ship to test this crew member. There was much talk on the ship at that time and people panicking, speculating, absolutely in fear. I never felt that. I was an infection control nurse for several years, early in my career, and I just kept looking at what "facts" were being released and that even early on the way you "control" an outbreak didn't seem to make sense to me. We came back to Maui March 23rd and while still on the runway I turned my phone on to a message that our Governor had just stopped all visitor traffic to our islands. I manage 14 vacation rentals here so my business was instantly shut down, as many of yours were as well. Our island ended up with over 40% unemployment rate due to the drive of the tourist industry here. Since it was mandated I quarantine in my home for 14 days I had much time to start researching what Docs all over the Planet were saying. When you have awakened to the mainstream media being under a gag order by the Cabal/Illuminati/Deep State then you instantly look for information far away from that. TRUE factual info! I discovered Dr. Rashid Batar, I'm so happy to share his site with you! Very quickly he started connecting with top Docs all over the Planet to discuss how viruses work, what they are seeing and how their treatment methods that WERE WORKING were being suppressed by the "powers that be". If you want some really amazing information to assist you in your own fact finding, I highly suggest checking out his site; let it be a start. It became quite clear to me that this was the next step in awakening humanity. It's time to TRULY claim our Sovereignty! So, personally, I've gone through ups and downs of fighting for my Sovereignty. Standing up and truly FIGHTING! But, this always has a lower vibe for me because it happens when I'm triggered and angry. I have NEVER in my life felt like there was a human that had a right to control me, even my parents. I always felt differently then those around me, although I readily admit that I had no idea I was a StarSeed until 8 years ago! So, my lesson throughout 2020 was to get to a place of accepting that this virus and all the events around it, in my reality and awareness, is all about awakening sleeping humanity and showing these denser consciousnesses so we can transmute and dismantle them. There are many other denser consciousnesses that are showing themselves and we WILL be addressing and dismantling as well. This is just the beginning. Some days I hold that higher frequency and exude nothing but unconditional LOVE, which is absolutely my baseline. And, other days, I drop my frequency and get pissed that people cannot see through this deception. I know this is my lesson and what I need to completely release as that does no good for anyone, especially myself. I truly INNERstand that maintaining a high vibration is absolutely vital IN ALL MOMENTS. Yet, my human comes out and sometimes with a vengeance :) Again, raw authenticity is my goal with you so you can truly take an honest look at where you are giving your God given power away!

Right now we are having somewhat of a reprieve from the "lockdown" in most areas of our Planet right now. However, many of us are feeling/seeing/sensing that the reprieve is nearly over. We all need to get to a space/vibration to hold the higher levels of consciousness so we can assist humanity as they awaken; one-by-one as each begins to awaken to the hard truths that have been trickling out. There are many disclosures that came out in 2020. However, it depended upon where your consciousness resides weather you could accept them as truth or not. Those vibrating lower, carrying more dense consciousness of the 3rd dimension, cannot accept the reality of some of these "truths" coming out. As we raise our vibration and expand our consciousness/awareness, we start to expand the spectrum of what can be believable. We start to get familiar with the quantum realms and our place in it, as a PART of it!

The energy has been shifting quite a bit. I personally have experienced many timeline shifts in just the last few months. The most noticeable, absolutely in the moment noticeable, happened to me last week while doing yoga. The cool thing is, when the collective shifts timelines then we are no longer a vibrational match for the lower ones that we were on a trajectory for! So, this is good to keep in the back of our minds as we have a choice in every now moment regarding how we will behave. How we will think. How we hold the higher timelines in our awareness for those that cannot .....yet!

With the most recent shifts in timelines for me, I am swept up in the feeling of things moving faster. 2020 really slowed down (on one hand, on the other hand it felt like yesterday!). I am feeling the energies really speeding up. It feels like "put on your hat and your seatbelt boys and girls, because it's gonna be a fast and bumpy ride!". If we can hold the vision and reality that we are DOING this for all of humanity and our precious Mother Gaia, then perhaps we can do it with a little happier heart :). I'm doing my very best in every moment, but I fall short at times. Let's do our best TOGETHER to raise the vibrational frequency of this Planet so this density can no longer exist here. This is how we bring in our "Heaven on Earth". Our Garden of Eden!!!!

So much LOVE to you all~


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