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Glasses of Water

 indulge in the essence of vitality

what is sacred healing water?

The Holy Water was collected from Healing Springs all over the world. Thousands of Lightworkers have been using this Healing Water, and the effect has been exponential. The Sacred Healing Water is now coursing through oceans, lakes, rivers, waterways, drinking water, bathing water and the physical bodies of Humanity.

The specific healing energy, vibration and consciousness within the water and the areas

from which these waters are collected has been maintained and it's benefits for

healing our bodies and our Earth are within this Kombucha. It is also Reiki charged

with the Violet Flame and creator Source LOVE frequency. 

water activation

Glasses of Water

Within the sacred healing water are the 5 aspects of Deity instrumental in activating the blueprints of Limitless Physical perfection with your RNA-DNA structures!

*The Divine Blueprint of Heaven on Earth
* The immaculate Concept of your physical, etheric, mental & emotional bodies *The TRUTH of Limitless Physical Perfection
*The tangible, physical manifestation of Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health, Radiant Beauty, God’s Limitless Flow of Abundance, Transfiguring Divine LOVE, Happiness, Eternal Peace and every other quality of God’s perfection!
*Healing of your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies
*Healing of our Planet anywhere this water touches as it leaves our bodies through urine, feces, sweat & breath!
*Reiki & Sekhem Infused
*LOVE infused <3

how it's used in practice

reiki sessions

For One-on-One sessions I bring this sacred healing water for you to drink before and after Reiki.  Water assists your body to integrate the energy.  Since our bodies are mostly made up of water, what could be more important for us to consume?


For One-on-One session I bring this special water for all 4 days of your sessions with me.


The Sacred Healing Water is being distributed FREE for the asking as a Gift of Love.

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