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Halfway Through 2021!

Well, time is absolutely flying by! We just had the summer solstice last weekend, here in the northern hemisphere, and a super full moon in Capricorn last night! Were you able to visually see it? Where I am it was looking so close and SO HUGE! A couple days prior to the solstice, while in these energies, I had another "instant" shift. Suddenly things that I kept speaking about that were not acceptable to me were ABSOLUTELY NOT ACCEPTABLE for another minute! This took me by surprise. But, along with it came the energy to assist me through it with ease. I am very grateful for that.

We are now at a point where a large section of humanity has taken the jab. This has ben very difficult for me to accept this year, with so many highly educated people in my field of awareness, choosing to take it. I have to remind myself on a daily basis that this is a soul choice. It is also a consciousness issue; it depends upon your consciousness level as to wether or not one can see through the smoke and mirrors, lies and deceit. I also much remind myself daily that EVERYTHING is playing out in Divine timing and for the highest and best of all evolving humanity. We all have our team around us and supporting us constantly, so, there are no mistakes! Admittedly, I still have to talk to myself daily and remind myself of this. We are all still here in a third dimensional avatar body, digesting dense consciousnesses and working through all that comes up in our field on a daily basis. I try my best.

The guidance that I'm receiving right now is all around supporting our physical bodies and our sovereign field. I do lots of cleansing but have been guided to a much deeper cleanse and for quite a long period of time. I've included a parasite cleanse as well. I've been educating myself on this and am quite shocked to share that I had no idea that so many of us are walking around with these beings in our bodies!! I just assume I do as well, so I've been cleaning everything out. I talk to my body and cells all the time, but have really ramped it up! With the spiked proteins from those vaxxed, all the density within the collective of humanity being released continuously and the continued geo-engineering tactics, we need to CONSTANTLY be aware of our field (not from a palce of fear of course!). Talk to your cells and lovingly command them to release all implants and nano-bot technologies. You can also ask that this incoming energy flush these nano-bots out of your bodies and that you resonate beyond the ability for them, and EMF's to mess with your field, and to protect yourself from these spiked proteins. It is vitally important that we are aware of our vibrational frequency in all moments and work to keep it high. Life happens! So, when it drops, work to clear the lower frequencies and raise your vibe right back up! This is the best thing that we can do in all n ow moments.

So many people are really struggling with anxiety right now, for multiple different reasons. I was guided to do a short REIKI video weekly to assist the collective. You can find them on my YouTube channel (Deb Heart). Here is today's If you would like a full session, in person on Maui or remotely from anywhere on our Planet) please reach out, I'd love to help anyway I can. One of the biggest and immediately noticeable benefits of Reiki is it helps to stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system to get us out of "fight or flight" anxiety, to calm you down and help you feel PEACE again :)

I am so happy to connect with all of you and sending my unconditional LOVE~

Deb Heart <3

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