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Crystalline Grids

I LOVE creating these grids!  I make them specific to you and your needs.  If you are interested in having one to clear energy in your home or office, support you in a space of unconditional love, EMF protection, strengthen your immune system, help you break a habit....ANYTHING YOU WANT, I will create it for you.  I print it on photo paper.  I then connect to your energies and infuse it with Reiki, Sekem, and the energies of each crystal I am using for your grid! I can also text/email it to you to have on your personal device.  Just reach out to me so we can chat about your needs.  

Here are a few examples

I custom make designs according to your wants & needs. If you are interested in a crystalline grid please email me so we can discuss your desires!  Grids are 5X7, printed on gloss photo paper.  $10 each. 

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