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Date: We start Wednesday September 7, 2022

Time: 2 PM Hawaii, 8 PM Eastern Time

 I am beginning a series of working on the chakras, where we will meet weekly, receiving Reiki like I've been sending monthly.  However, we will also be working on the 7 major chakras in our body!  Each Zoom call will be recorded so you can watch the replay each day, until we meet the following week to work on the next chakra!  If you want to participate but cannot meet at the scheduled time, it's all good :) they will all be recorded!  I will just need to know the day prior to beginning, so I can add you & your energy into my Healy! The Healy has over 300,000 frequencies.  There are frequencies for each chakra, and each week, I'll run those particular frequencies while I send Reiki!

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