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Healing Candles


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My Psychic Protection Spray was created with the intention of healing all negative energy. I have just recently created my NEW Psychic Protection Candle to go side by side with! Both products contain large amounts of healing oils, reiki and some special galatic energies! I intend to only sell products that benefit my customers after confirming that it has worked wonders for me first!!! 

My passion for creating products that aid in my purpose to serve humanity stands strong!

Psychic Protection Candle

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Blissful Candle

This new creation is completely underrated!

This candle is consumed with so many outstanding elements that are grounds for a perfect combination to achieve relaxation of the mind, body & soul.

I combined 4 different types of oils, 3 different types of cleared and charged crystals, Multiple Reiki & Lord Buddha Energies created on Metatron's Cube!

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