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Psychic Protection Roll on

Psychic Protection Roll on

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In this Spray:

  • Avacado oil: Avacado oil: provides dose of Vitamin E and reduces LDL cholesterol, increasing HDL cholesterol.
  • Eucalyptus oil: wards off evil
  • Clove oil: banishing, repelling, and exorcism
  • Lemon oil: purification
  • Rosemary oil: exorcism, protection, purification
  • Cedar wood oil: purification, protection



Crystals (1 piece each; cleared & charged):

*Smoky quartz: purification, grounding, protection

*Black Tourmaline: protection, psychic shield

*Amethyst: warding, protection, and release of negativity

*Reiki, Sekhem & Unconditional LOVE energy.


I called in St. Germain & his legions of Violet Flame Archangels & Lord Ganesha, for protection. This was all created on Metatron’s Cube!



Chromotherapy: BLACK to absorb negative energies & to provide a protective barrier.

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