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Psychic Protection Bracelet

Psychic Protection Bracelet

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If you have been feeling under psychic attack or attracting undesired toxic energetic debris in your life, this bracelet is something I recommend being that is has the ability to completely fight those negative forces off.


Bracelets are infused with eucalyptus oil, clove oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil & cedar wood oil.


The crystals within the bracelets are all cleared & charged!

This bracelet consists of:

Smokey Quartz - purification, grounding, protection

Black Tourmaline - protect, psychic shielding

Amethyst: warding, protecting, & release of negative energy


The chromotherapy for this product is BLACK!


Black absorbs negative energy & provides a protective barrier.

All of my products have galactic energies called in to ensure each and every intention I have for these products is able to come together and provide positive healing sources.


Reiki, Sekhem (Egyptian Reiki) & Unconditional LOVE energy. The energies of St. Germain & his legions of Violet Flame Archangels (for clearing your auric field), Lord Ganesha (for protection) & Fire Dragon energies!

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