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Simple Overview of Our Ascension Process

Posted on March 6, 2019

My Higher Self gave me a very simple overview of our ascension process last night; what is physically happening to our bodies. This is so simple that I thought I would share with the collective. We are receiving photonic light form the Great Central Sun, through our sun (a portal) and into our physical bodies. Light is information. Dark is lack of information. As our bodies take on this light, it is like shinning a flashlight in the dark, it shines on the darkness/density within our bodies; this is our shadow. These are the feelings/thoughts/emotions/past traumas that we burry down in our dungeon because we don’t want to experience them. They are also not just of this lifetime, but every lifetime we have ever experienced on Planet Earth and all of our ancestors! It is all stored in our DNA. As this light shines on this density within our being it brings that density/darkness to the surface so we can deal with it. We need to let it rise, feel it (don’t push it away), honor it, and release it (transmute it). As we do this with each feeling/trauma that has surfaced for us, we release that darkness within us. It opens up space so we can absorb more light. Again, this light is INFORMATION. As we absorb this information/light it changes our DNA and releases those memories of who we truly are, our true history, and our innate abilities that we ALL POSSESS! This is not an easy journey but this is what we signed up for! I am becoming more and more aware of who I truly am. One aspect of me is Archeia Heidi. I am looking forward to discovering it all LOVE and light and many blessings to you all.

I love you ~


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