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Aphrodite Candle (8oz)

Increase your sexual potency & improve your libido!
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Product Details

AFFIRMATION: I am a vibrant & sexual being

Chromotherapy: Orange increases sexual potency & red improves libido

This candle contains:


• Jasmin: This romantic scent has long been believed to have an aphrodisiac effect
• Ylang Ylang: Considered a “gift” to encourage intimacy. Long time used in perfumes
• Sandalwood: Useful for balancing & toning the female reproductive organs
• Clary Sage: Boosts libido & sexual desire while reducing feelings associated with low sex drive
• Rose: The most feminine of all oils, the aroma is both sensual & romantic!


• Rhodochrosite: Represents unselfish affection. Links the sacral chakra’s fire power with the soul. Resonates with the
frequencies of love & vitality.
• Red Jasper: Stimulates sex drive & enhances the ability to sustain sexual pleasure. Has an even vibration that promotes
sexual healing. Cleanses & energizes the sex organs.
• Smokey Quartz: Breaks through the barriers of sexual hang-ups. Enhances virility & cleanses the sexual
centers. Helps passion to flow freely.

Galactic Energies include Reiki & Unconditional LOVE. Also, the energies of Aphrodite, The Goddess of LOVE!

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